© copyright Techrati Computer Services - 2010-2011 Founded in 2010 in Los Angeles, California, Techrati Computer Services combines the experience of over 30 years of Computer knowledge, repair, and Operating System understanding, and brings it to Longmont, Colorado. Chris Cartwright, founder and chief PC Guru has been working on IBM PC’s since 1981 when they were first released to the public.  Developing software and upgrading his own PC when memory was scarce and software had to fit on a floppy, Chris honed his skills and worked to understand the inner workings of the computers he used.  Chris developed one of the first interactive “internet” based applications when working in Virginia, utilizing the IBMNet as the backbone to connecting the customers the company supported, with the instant Knowledgebase, and interactive problem fixes that we now take for granted.  He continued his trek with StorageTek and IBM in Colorado, helping develop software for large storage systems. Now, Chris has moved his knowledge and understanding of computers into the consumer world in a one on one company that is here to help from the ground up.  From repairs to upgrades, new systems or old, software and hardware - Techrati Computer Services is the one number you need to keep handy for all of your computer needs.